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Expediting & Coordination Specialist (ECS)

Job Description

Under the leadership of the Project Manager, the Expediting & Coordination Specialist (ECS) shall facilitate the timely delivery of quality parts, material and/or equipment per the Client’s requirements; serve as liaison between the Client, Vendor, Inspector and Transport; obtain current status, assist with the resolution of issues/problems, and report progression of Client’s orders through delivery and receipt. For orders requiring inspection, identify and assign inspectors, coordinate inspection visits with Vendor and report findings to the Client.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Review assigned Client purchase orders for general understanding of the purchased goods, delivery time frames, special requirements, inspection requirements and destination.
  2. Facilitate the timely delivery of assigned orders utilizing standard, accepted expediting methods.
  3. Obtain and report current and accurate status of order to the appropriate Client distribution. This includes material/production schedules and progress, testing and results, inspections and findings, shipment and related documentation.
  4. Follow up and assist with resolution of Vendor/Supplier questions, inspection findings, non-conformance reports, etc. as instructed by Client.
  5. Participate in pre-production, kick-off, and general status meetings as required by Client. Prepare summary of meetings for Client review, prior to distribution. Follow up on subsequent action items through completion.
  6. Prepare and provide all needed documentation and relevant information to assigned Inspector. Issue inspection assignment revisions as needed for Client change orders.
  7. Coordinate inspection visits per Client requirements and/or approved Inspection & Test Plan (ITP).
  8. Review inspection reports within 24 hours of submission to ensure scope of inspection is addressed, accurate and complete. Follow up with inspector to clarify or correct inaccurate and incomplete information.
  9. Maintain current and complete electronic job folder, including but not limited to all versions of purchase order, meeting minutes, approved drawings, approved ITP, Client-specific specifications, inspection assignment, inspection reports, material release notice, material test reports, test results, inspection checklists, documentation of Client instruction or decisions, confirmation of receipt, bill of lading/packing list, photographs.


  1. Ability to expedite and coordinate multiple orders concurrently involving a variety of clients, vendors/suppliers, requirements and material/equipment.
  2. Ability to establish and maintain professional working relationship with multiple Client personnel and Vendors/Suppliers.
  3. Professional communication skills, both verbal and written.
  4. General knowledge of industry material and equipment, processes and terminology.
  5. Working knowledge/skill level of Microsoft Office software.
  6. Ability to independently and pro-actively resolve issues, while maintaining a third-party role in the resolution process.
  7. Ability to cooperate and function in a team setting to achieve common objectives.

Preferred Requirements

  1. Experience in expediting, inspection or quality assurance, specific to quality fabrication and timely delivery, within oil and gas, and/or industrial sectors.
  2. Education, training and/or experience in the supply chain field, such as purchasing/procurement, inventory or logistics.
  3. Project-oriented mind-set and ability to identify relationships and dependencies among multiple orders.

Contract Inspectors

Submit CV, rates, certifications, sample inspection report (client information removed) and any other qualifications / competencies not listed in the CV.