Case Histories – Operational Errors

  • A Signa expert was deposed and testified at trial regarding regulatory changes in the wake of the Macondo blowout.
  • Signa conducted multiple research projects to clearly define industry-accepted practices with regards to operators in the oilfield.
  • Signa’s team of experts¬†investigated a contract lawsuit in which the operator had spent tens of millions in the client’s money without performing the objectives in the development plan. Our engineer testified at trial to prove the operator had not performed according to operator standards as outlined in the contract.
  • Signa testified as to the exact cause of a blowout and destruction of an oil well. Testimony involved clarifying drilling fluids, drillstring depth, downhole equipment, and illustrating the destructive elements that caused the fire.
  • Signa investigated a groundwater and soil contamination case on a sensitive oil and gas operations site. Our team of engineers and writing/graphics specialists combined petroleum engineering, geology, environmental science and geo-hydrology to resolve the case.
  • Signa investigated a case regarding a defendant’s right to dump waste in a specified area.
  • Our team analyzed a multi-well drilling operation in a severe sour gas field (H2S, CO2) to determine if the operator was performing the necessary safety initiatives required by law.